HinoMaple’s Guide to Surviving Japan is your personal concierge in a book.  Unlike other guidebooks, HinoMaple’s Guide to Surviving Japan is not designed to help you learn about what to see and do in Japan; rather it will help you survive as a visitor or newcomer to Japan.  The information is designed to take away the mystery of Japan and help you avoid any faux pas.  After reading this book, you will be able to concentrate on enjoying your trip rather than trying to understand what you need to do.


This guidebook is written explicitly for those visiting Tokyo but all of the information can be used for other areas of Japan as well.  While specific information will not apply to other regions, the information included in this guidebook is very useful for all areas of Japan.

Information in the Guidebook


This guidebook takes away all of the worries you have and helps you survive many situations.


Find out what you need and what you need to do the second you arrive at the airport.

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

We lay everything out for you with pictures from how to buy tickets to how to use taxis.


Learn how restaurants work from ordering to settling your bill.


HinoMaple provides some insights so that you shop with ease as well as providing handy charts so that you know what your size is in Japan.

Temples and Shrines

Find out all you need to know on how to visit a temple or shrine and what those fortunes mean.

Living in Japan/Daily Needs

From toilets to garbage, everything you need to know about living in Japan.

Phrases & References

All of the basic phrases and expressions you should require when visiting Japan is in this guidebook in Japanese, Phonetic English, and English.

To read more about what is in the guidebook, you can head to the blog.


“What I should have had, but didn’t, because he was a newbie himself at that time, was Hinomaple’s e-book Guide to Entering and Surviving Japan and Tokyo.

You should get that book if you ever travel to Japan. Heck, get it even if you live here. You’re guaranteed to discover a few new things.”

Rurousha 流浪者: Guide to Entering and Surviving Japan and Tokyo

Updated Information

If there are any mistakes in HinoMaple’s Guide to Surviving Japan, please contact us immediately.

JR Lines

(N’EX TOKYO Round Trip Ticket)

p.15 – On Mar 14, 2015, a new N’EX TOKYO Round Trip Ticket was introduced.  Round trip fare on the N’EX, including transfers on the JR Lines in Central Tokyo, and then back to Narita Airport on the N’EX is 4000 yen for foreign passport holders.  The Suica & N’EX Pass has been phased out as of Apr 1, 2014.

Narita Line (Cost)

p. 16 – Cost: 1329 yen

Keisei Lines

Keisei Skyliner

p. 18 – Cost:  2470 yen

Note:  There is a special e-ticket discount.  If you purchase tickets online and redeem the coupon at Narita Airport or a corresponding station, the cost is 2200 yen each way.

Narita Sky Acess Line

p. 19 – Cost: 1290 yen

Keisei Main Line

p.20 – Cost: 1030 yen

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HinoMaple’s Guide to Surviving Japan

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Book and Concierge Package

All Concierge Packages comes with a free copy of HinoMaple’s Guide to Surviving JapanHinoMaple’s Guide to Surviving Japan will help you understand Japan but if you would like personalized information, help planning your trip, information on where to purchase specific items, or help getting around Tokyo, please consider our concierge services as a valuable resource.  Prices start at 10,000 Yen.